Redemption The Third Era – Working on the Back of the Card


When working as a team on a project, one of the fortunes (or misfortunes, according to the department in which you are working…) is that ideas can come out all of a sudden and if the idea is good and you like it, there is a lot to work on to refine it, sometimes subverting what you have accomplished up to then.
In view of the new game system ‘Endurance’ we were watching one of the many layout tests of the Game Screen and, as usual, the one that convince us most was the last version of a long series. Captivating, balanced and with that healthy retro taste that combines so much, in our opinion, to a post atomic setting. However the eye falls on a Card completely white and with a large big question mark in the centre.
“What is that?!” someone asks.
A smirk opens up on the mouth of the Screenwriter: “That is the Back of the Playing Card”.
The graphics department shudders: “Would you mean that we also need the BACK of the Card?!!!”
“Eh yes … it is just this way …”
The ‘Hackers’ of Code’ chuckle: “We are ready, we just need a picture to place where the question mark is.”
Just a picture …
The graphics, with a sigh of surrender (and, let’s say it, even of euphoria) get out from under the table paper pads, pencils, erasers, pen tablets and let’s go … we are starting again!!

Tests on tests to find ‘our’ Back of Card … amicably called between us: Backside.

“But … is that a joke?! How about something more elaborated….?”
The graphics are satisfied of the joke and start working seriously …

“Mmmm … it is not right … too clear, too dark, too coloured … let’s try to change the setting!”

“Ok, not good enough … too elaborated and too heavy, let’s try to change subject!!”

“Ahhh!! Stop, maybe this is the right way … we are getting closer!”

Were you thinking about the definitive version? We are still working on it and we still discussing … :D



Redemption The Third Era – Roadmap IV


As already anticipated in last December’s post, we are late with the works on the Redemption The Third Era project.

We took some time to analyze what must yet be developed, what is necessary and what is not for the launch of our Closed Beta. This time has been useful to create a new schedule of goals, actions and needed time for the release. Analyzing the reasons for the delay we have understood that the time needed to implement some functionalities have been underestimated and we are now arranging for widening the number of our collaborators in order to go even faster.

We have decided to create and experiment a game system that will make innovative what we are now developing related to the extant collectible cards games set. Our goal is still to create a cards game that is suitable as far as the mechanics are concerned when two people are playing at a distance, but at the same time we would also give birth to something that will make the game experience the most original possible. Here is the reason for the post atomic setting and for the game model we are now developing that has got the name of Endurance. In the next weeks we will write some thorough posts on this matter.

The new release date is so June 1st 2016.

To reach this date we have lots of work to do and specifically we expert to reach it through the steps hereby listed:

January 2016

  • Implementing of the game client of the News system;
  • Revision of the cards, and of their skills, supporting the new model of the game Endurance;
  • Implementing of the new game model server;
  • Start of the implementation of the new model of game in the client;
  • Completion of the design of the HUD improvements.

February 2016

  • Completion of the cards graphics;
  • End of the HUD client implementation;
  • Implementation of the Currencies in the client;

March 2016

  • Implementation of the Shop in the client;
  • Implementation of the Shop in the server;
  • Implementation of the users levels in the client;
  • Final selection of music and sound effects;

April 2016

  • Implementation of the messaging system in the client;
  • Implementation of the rewards system in the client;
  • Revision of the creation of decks of cards for the Endurance model needs.

May 2016

  • End of the implementation of the new game model in the client;
  • Overall revision of the developments.

1st of June 2016 – Closed Beta Start up.


Redemption The Third Era – Roadmap III


Compared to the Roadmap that we had set up last July, begrudgingly we have to point out that we are late. We are now evaluating the real impact this delay will have and decide what will be its dimension in relation to the initial expectations and this at the moment translates in a revision of some parts of our Roadmap. We have thought, for instance, to review some parts of our server that at the moment did not satisfy in full the Game’s needs and to insert some changes that will have to be performed after the release of the Closed Beta version. We are also evaluating a review of the Game’s rules that we would like to submit to you all. This in order to make it more captivating but also to increase the novelty of our mechanics, obviously maintaining a web oriented style of playing.

Today the mechanics of playing provides for a clash between Characters that face each other one time only assigning some score at the moment of victory of one of the two contenders []. What we are now working on is a transformation of the mechanics of playing to make it more captivating ensuring that the Character that has possibly survived the clash could go on his own struggle against the next Character proposed by the enemy. This way the game will have a more strategic approach, the Skills to be used shall be selected in a more shrewd way and the Energetic Pool shall be better be accounted for. Furthermore our Characters skills could be more differentiated according to the various stages of the clash and could be more varied and interesting because they will present effects of getting in and out from the battlefield.

Within next week we will be able to present you a final overview of the new Roadmap that will include the new expected dates for the release of the Game. In the following weeks we will be able to give you more specific data about the new game modes.

Redemption The Third Era is constantly evolving for you…


Redemption The Third Era – Languages of the Third Era


The various ethnic groups of the Third Era, that is all the races included in the Homo species that populate the Redemption The Third Era world have their own idiom. Many of these language systems have been influenced by the ‘mother’ tongue that was used in a certain geographical area at the moment of the Catastrophe and that have then evolved being embellished with own terms and expressions. The ability to communicate with others is one of the most distinguished features of mankind and the inter-racial communication has always been one of the first needs in order to have relations and create social bonds.

Just to facilitate the interpersonal exchanges even amongst different races, with time a Universal Language has developed which is acknowledged and is spoken by the most part of the individuals that have traveled a lot and have made of their trades their life style and that is used in the relationships that pertain to people belonging to various ethnic groups. The Universal Language (generically called the ‘Universal‘) is formed by words and expressions that derive from the languages used by the various people and for this dynamic it is constantly evolving. Compared to the languages that are currently in use in the Third Era, the Universal has a more simple basic structure (subject, verb and complement) and the terms that compose it are limited. This makes it a language that is easily popularized and comprehended, but that lacks all that is descriptive or poetical. The use of the Universal is relegated to the ‘need’ to communicate and to be understood by ‘all’ to the disadvantage of everything that is ‘language embellishment’ and falls outside the ultimate scope. Even if the Universal is a language that is spoken and written, in this idiom there are no novels, poems, nor songs because the scarcity of expression does not allow harmonious literary composition. All that pertains to ‘linguistics art’ has been left to other languages like the Salk (Salkiis) rich of nouns and adjectives, or the Tamiara (Tamiala) that has sweet phonetics easy to be reproduced, up to the Human that is the idiom with the greatest numbers of words in the Third Era and that, correlated to our days, is a mix of English, Spanish and Mandarin. Another language that is considered to be ‘elegant’ is the Vampiric that represents also an exception compared to the other idioms, because, starting from the original language spoken by the Vampires it has had ‘driven’ variations due to the study, from this race, of the texts written in latin retrieved from the Old Era and for this reason considered a ‘young’ language subjected to continuous evolutions.
Mechanics and technology are at the centre of the Damas life, this couldn’t but influence their language as well (Damarshan) that, out of necessity, includes a vast amount of ‘technical’ terms that often are not used by the other races, but that are indispensable for living in the Chasm and for any scientific book or handbook. The Graunt language (Grauntar) is the hardest to understand and replicate for the other races because it is made of hard guttural sounds that make it difficult to comprehend by any non specialist ear.

Independently from the language differences, communication is a priority that affects all races and it is not unusual that many people could be able if not to speak, at least to understand the various idioms beyond their own. In any discussion it is a good habit, which is interpreted as a sign of respect, to cheer or thank in the language of the interlocutor, which has pushed even the laziest ones regarding education to make an effort in order to learn the most common welcoming sentences in the greatest number of languages, a sagacity that in the most extreme situations can make the difference from a ‘normal’ life and a very short one.