Redemption The Third Era – Redemption’s doors open…


Here we go!

We are really happy and excited to announce Redemption The Third Era Card Trading Game is online with its Beta version!
In this phase we really need your help. Come, play and let us know possible issues you can find during playing.
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Redemption The Third Era – Endurance


We are working in order to make available the Endurance mode for the closed Beta release date: this game mode has a game mechanic that is more innovative respect to our initial idea. Matches could be more varied and interesting.

In the Endurance mode, Decks consists of a Hero Card and from a minimum of one to a maximum of eight Character Cards.

In this game mode, the Character Card that survived the clash may continue the Match and will struggle against the next Character Card played by the other player.

Actually, Match scene starts as represented like in following image and it consists of:

  1. Hero Cards of Player (on the bottom left of the picture) and Opponent (on the top left of the picture);
  2. Hole Deck (the player’s one on the bottom and the Opponent’s one on the top), namely the Cards part of the deck and that will be later drawn by the players;
  3. Three face-up Cards both for the Player (on the bottom) and for Opponent (on the top), namely the Cards already drawn by the players and that deal the group from which to select the playable Card. The player can see the Opponent’s Cards too, but he can’t know whether the Opponent will activate or not the available skills before he plays those Cards;
  4. HUD zone (on the left of the screen, the up position is the Opponent’s one and the bottom position is the Player’s one, in the middle you can find the Game Timer) includes the Energetic Pool, the Fame points and the Graveyard, on which the “defeated” Cards will place.


Redemption The Third Era – ‘Iconizing’

Client Home

Client Home


The fight against icons is a lost one …

Every time one is finally ready, and you believe it is the right one, but the following day you look at it again and a doubt insinuates … will it be really clear, what does it show? What if I would add something more? Maybe a more detailed drawing? A revealing writing?! Why do they have to be so bloody small?!!

We have passed months over months racking our own brains over their role and they right picture to place there, the right colour, texture, without considering the aggravating factor that  we wanted to have ‘post atomic’ icons, as if in a 40 pixel side square it would be easy to insert everything …

We have reached a decision, the main icons will be those you can see in the picture and the compulsory order the graphics have been given has been a resolute STOP, stop changing, stop adjustments, stop all doubts and most of all stop saying stuff like: ‘…an idea for the icons has come into my mind…’

Do not get us wrong, we have always considered perfectionism an integral part of our work as it helps us to improve our skills, but faced by many things we still have to accomplish, focusing on something that is ‘ready’ is blocking the developments on parts that yet need to be finished. The improvements are always more than welcome and maybe, maybe, these icons will be changed again, the fundamental thing being that you won’t let this reach our graphics … be it necessary we would like to surprise them!


Redemption The Third Era – Working on the Back of the Card


When working as a team on a project, one of the fortunes (or misfortunes, according to the department in which you are working…) is that ideas can come out all of a sudden and if the idea is good and you like it, there is a lot to work on to refine it, sometimes subverting what you have accomplished up to then.
In view of the new game system ‘Endurance’ we were watching one of the many layout tests of the Game Screen and, as usual, the one that convince us most was the last version of a long series. Captivating, balanced and with that healthy retro taste that combines so much, in our opinion, to a post atomic setting. However the eye falls on a Card completely white and with a large big question mark in the centre.
“What is that?!” someone asks.
A smirk opens up on the mouth of the Screenwriter: “That is the Back of the Playing Card”.
The graphics department shudders: “Would you mean that we also need the BACK of the Card?!!!”
“Eh yes … it is just this way …”
The ‘Hackers’ of Code’ chuckle: “We are ready, we just need a picture to place where the question mark is.”
Just a picture …
The graphics, with a sigh of surrender (and, let’s say it, even of euphoria) get out from under the table paper pads, pencils, erasers, pen tablets and let’s go … we are starting again!!

Tests on tests to find ‘our’ Back of Card … amicably called between us: Backside.

“But … is that a joke?! How about something more elaborated….?”
The graphics are satisfied of the joke and start working seriously …

“Mmmm … it is not right … too clear, too dark, too coloured … let’s try to change the setting!”

“Ok, not good enough … too elaborated and too heavy, let’s try to change subject!!”

“Ahhh!! Stop, maybe this is the right way … we are getting closer!”

Were you thinking about the definitive version? We are still working on it and we still discussing … :D