About Us

RedEvo Games business idea came from some friends that sharing same passion for games. From players we change our role to managers and later to games creators, especially electronic games. We proudly located in Tuscany near Siena, a really beautiful and lovely place to live.

We love to define us craftsmen. According to tradition we use simple and cheap tools to work and set-up our creations. We often improve tools and adapt them to our needs. We like to make things in our own way and we try to create games admirable and unique in their little way.

Each of us followed its own path to be, today, a part of RedEvo Games project:

  • Alessio: I’ve started my geek part of life fiddling with the legendary Olivetti Prodest PC1, extremely stressing it and, putting it out of order several time, for my parents’ happiness. My player life started from many hours spent video arcade, continued with Lucas Arts Adventures and Sport Games, arrived to FPS passing through the simulations. Then, thank to David, I met role play games and MUDs. Considering my geek soul my passion for software developing, I could not rest in the player role, but first I move myself to game master and next I explore whole its engine code. From there, learning to live with a jungle of code rows seemingly unintelligible and through time gaining experience in other projects and in other scopes of ITC, I decided it was the time to making my abilities available to anything more concrete and more mine.
  • Andrea: I am the most aged of the group (but not the wisest). My training path in the world of computer and videogames, started in early ‘80s with my brother, my friend Paolo and a Sinclair ZX 81, to move us, a few years later, to Commodore 64 and its ton of games, to Amiga 500 and 1000, to the first personal computers with the graphic adventures. Also the movies were formative for me (Star Wars, Blade Runner, Alien, Dune). However my real passion has always been drawing. A passion I felt from childhood and it formed itself at Art Institute Duccio Di Boninsegna in Siena. Next David, Silvia and Alessio pulled me into this project starting together to sketch the first sets and characters. I immediately felt the project was mine. Comic, illustrations, sci-fi, and computers: this is the mix that gave to me the start for this adventure, never stopping to learn from my younger colleagues/friends.
  • David: Milestones on my way to arrive here today are in series: post-atomic version of Mad Max, the first two trilogy of Dragonlance, the choice to study as an engineer, learn to play Magic and role play games, at the table and online. Today I’m a telecommunication engineer, graduated in Siena and keen about games, Magic player since 1999. With Alessio and Silvia I managed and developed a textual multiplayer role play game for many years, I learned the ropes in electronic games area. Meanwhile my studies and after my work at University of Siena give improve my capabilities in project management, software architecture design and software developing. Now I feel ready to face this new challenge.
  • Silvia: I’ve started my ‘career’ of role play gamer near when I was eighteen. The other ‘career’ of cabinet player started long before. Fantasy, with its many sides, it’s the blessing and the curse of my life taking a large part of my time. It drove me to read tons of books, to play and, finally, to manage games. Starting as a player, I performed a lot of roles from AD&D to D&D third edition. Finally, I became a Dungeon Master. Then I met the world of MUDs. Another time I started as a pupil player and finally I became a setting creator, building up virtual cities and so on and managing the game with Alessio and David. When the idea to make another game started to become real, I threw myself into the project. At the end it’s a way to live another ‘epic’ adventure!
  • Stefano: I grew up on a lake shore, with a passion for football and nature, but also for the technology and digital games (still I often play games of childhood through Mame32). Now I’m an engineer and I’m working in the ICT field, even with a lot of desire to play and to have fun, but with a further ambition: try also to entertain others, to give pleasant moments. For this reason, with other enthusiast friends we started this adventure in the world of online trading card games, aiming to make it our job. The acquired knowledge and skills of each of us have made possible the birth and achievement of our goal: an our own creation, with a software architecture developed by us, original drawings and gameplay. Welcome to the “Third Era”!