Redemption The Third Era – Endurance


We are working in order to make available the Endurance mode for the closed Beta release date: this game mode has a game mechanic that is more innovative respect to our initial idea. Matches could be more varied and interesting.

In the Endurance mode, Decks consists of a Hero Card and from a minimum of one to a maximum of eight Character Cards.

In this game mode, the Character Card that survived the clash may continue the Match and will struggle against the next Character Card played by the other player.

Actually, Match scene starts as represented like in following image and it consists of:

  1. Hero Cards of Player (on the bottom left of the picture) and Opponent (on the top left of the picture);
  2. Hole Deck (the player’s one on the bottom and the Opponent’s one on the top), namely the Cards part of the deck and that will be later drawn by the players;
  3. Three face-up Cards both for the Player (on the bottom) and for Opponent (on the top), namely the Cards already drawn by the players and that deal the group from which to select the playable Card. The player can see the Opponent’s Cards too, but he can’t know whether the Opponent will activate or not the available skills before he plays those Cards;
  4. HUD zone (on the left of the screen, the up position is the Opponent’s one and the bottom position is the Player’s one, in the middle you can find the Game Timer) includes the Energetic Pool, the Fame points and the Graveyard, on which the “defeated” Cards will place.