Redemption The Third Era – Languages of the Third Era


The various ethnic groups of the Third Era, that is all the races included in the Homo species that populate the Redemption The Third Era world have their own idiom. Many of these language systems have been influenced by the ‘mother’ tongue that was used in a certain geographical area at the moment of the Catastrophe and that have then evolved being embellished with own terms and expressions. The ability to communicate with others is one of the most distinguished features of mankind and the inter-racial communication has always been one of the first needs in order to have relations and create social bonds.

Just to facilitate the interpersonal exchanges even amongst different races, with time a Universal Language has developed which is acknowledged and is spoken by the most part of the individuals that have traveled a lot and have made of their trades their life style and that is used in the relationships that pertain to people belonging to various ethnic groups. The Universal Language (generically called the ‘Universal‘) is formed by words and expressions that derive from the languages used by the various people and for this dynamic it is constantly evolving. Compared to the languages that are currently in use in the Third Era, the Universal has a more simple basic structure (subject, verb and complement) and the terms that compose it are limited. This makes it a language that is easily popularized and comprehended, but that lacks all that is descriptive or poetical. The use of the Universal is relegated to the ‘need’ to communicate and to be understood by ‘all’ to the disadvantage of everything that is ‘language embellishment’ and falls outside the ultimate scope. Even if the Universal is a language that is spoken and written, in this idiom there are no novels, poems, nor songs because the scarcity of expression does not allow harmonious literary composition. All that pertains to ‘linguistics art’ has been left to other languages like the Salk (Salkiis) rich of nouns and adjectives, or the Tamiara (Tamiala) that has sweet phonetics easy to be reproduced, up to the Human that is the idiom with the greatest numbers of words in the Third Era and that, correlated to our days, is a mix of English, Spanish and Mandarin. Another language that is considered to be ‘elegant’ is the Vampiric that represents also an exception compared to the other idioms, because, starting from the original language spoken by the Vampires it has had ‘driven’ variations due to the study, from this race, of the texts written in latin retrieved from the Old Era and for this reason considered a ‘young’ language subjected to continuous evolutions.
Mechanics and technology are at the centre of the Damas life, this couldn’t but influence their language as well (Damarshan) that, out of necessity, includes a vast amount of ‘technical’ terms that often are not used by the other races, but that are indispensable for living in the Chasm and for any scientific book or handbook. The Graunt language (Grauntar) is the hardest to understand and replicate for the other races because it is made of hard guttural sounds that make it difficult to comprehend by any non specialist ear.

Independently from the language differences, communication is a priority that affects all races and it is not unusual that many people could be able if not to speak, at least to understand the various idioms beyond their own. In any discussion it is a good habit, which is interpreted as a sign of respect, to cheer or thank in the language of the interlocutor, which has pushed even the laziest ones regarding education to make an effort in order to learn the most common welcoming sentences in the greatest number of languages, a sagacity that in the most extreme situations can make the difference from a ‘normal’ life and a very short one.


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