Redemption The Third Era – Gameplay I, Hero Cards


Cards are grouped into two big categories, Hero Cards and Character Cards. The main difference between these two types of Cards is the role they play in the decks creation: a deck can contain a single Hero, which has many functions and the main purpose of being the basis of the deck, and eight Character Cards. Each of these last has its own Features and Skills which, in the deck creation phase, have to be as much as possible in line with the features of the Hero in order to create possible synergies and winning strategies.

The Hero Cards provide the player with an Energy Pool consisting of:

  • Movement
  • Mental Energy
  • Blood
Hero Card

Hero Card

These different values of Energy are needed to enable the Characters’ Skills that are part of the deck.

For each round of combat the Energy Pool is filled, starting from the basic Features of the Hero and adding up to the previously possible unspent values: the number in the green box represents the Movement, the number in the yellow box the Mental Energy and the number in the red box the Blood. It doesn’t mean that the three types of Energy belonging to the Pool are in full produced by each Hero, in fact the production of Blood, for example, is a prerogative of  Vampires only.

The Hero Cards are characterized by the following features:

  • Race: one of the six currently playable (Damas, Graunt, Humans, Salk, Tamiara and Vampires);
  • Corporation: a Hero can or not, just like a Character, belong to a Corporation;
  • Energy production values;
  • Heroic Skills: they have not an activation cost, but they become active if certain conditions occur during the match (for example a Heroic Skill can be activated if among the characters on the battlefield there are two or more belonging to the same Race of the Hero); each Hero has two Skills at its disposal.

The Hero never comes into the fight, but he is the Leader of the group of Characters and he provides support to every single Card in each battle, either through his own Skills, both through the energy production that allows the activation of the Skills in the various Character Cards.


Redemption The Third Era – Cards: Work in progress


Regard to Redemption The Third Era, the Cards are grouped into two major categories: Heroes and Characters. They have different roles in both decks creation game itself. For example, the Characters fight each other and they have some Skills can be activated by the Player with a fixed cost while it is up to the Hero provide the required energy to pay the Skills activation by individual Characters.

The Card consists of both the drawn Illustration and a Frame, the latter is different depending on whether it is a Hero or a Character. This difference is due to the need of representing several features that differentiate Heroes and Characters, moreover it provides the Player the means to recognize the type of Card with a simple and intuitive way.

Because Cards are key point of the game we are setting up, all that is built in terms of both gameplay and graphics contribution, originate from, or is compared with them. This has led to a wide evolution of the Card and a lot of tries had led to build the current Frame.

Regard to the Illustrations, they were drawn by different artists with the constraint of being realized following specific features suggested by the company and on a background which was provided from time to time. All backgrounds were made by Andrea, one of the project founders, and it allows to obtain Cards with different styles but associated by backgrounds realized by the same hand (as more specifically discussed in our post ‘The Style of Art’ of 22 May 2015 ‘link’).

For the Frame, one of our main needs was to have a dominant neutral color that would fit each type of Card and each kind of the client background. For this, we started from an unique Frame for both Hero and Character, with a very light color that vaguely could recall the texture of the rusty metal, but it resulted too imposing and it reduced the Card design itself.

After this attempt, there has been a first revolution that has led to adopt also one of the typical features of the game that we are building, a characteristic alternation of black and yellow, as a representation of the radioactive danger. After a series of tries we have come to what we now consider the final Frames, one version for the Heroes and one for Characters.

In both cases we have examined which features should be visible at a glance and which ones should be instead subject to a deeper investigation. We were looking for a balance that would be suitable for both experienced players and novice players. This is also why we have different levels of Frame: one with the minimum information necessary to recognize and use the Card with a single glance, and one that include the availability of names and costs of the Skills.

During the building of the various game screenshots, we realized how sometimes there has been the need to have access to the Card in its entirety and without mediations. For this reason we have created a system that allows an improved viewing of Card and its Skills, embedding the Card itself. We have made it inspiring to the Damas technology that mix a number of electronic components to a number of old style analog components. Their technology involves the use of screens with the ability of displaying written signs but, for example, they do not allow the insertion of images or other colored elements. To overcome this we have created a superstructure that contains the screen, so creating a system that allows you to display the cost of each Skill of the individual Card and the explanation of its functioning.

The next post will be still centered on the Cards and how they impact on the gameplay, in the meantime we leave you with some of the tries we have done over time before we get the final Frame … a little bit of madness does not hurt!


Redemption The Third Era – Market


Contrary to the current trend of such games, Redemption The Third Era will include the Secondary Market of Cards, which is a way that will allow players to buy and sell the cards they wish both to enrich their collection and improve their decks.

The market will be characterized by a very simple policy: each player will be able to sell his own card at a certain price. This will allow the bid to be launched on the market and to be compared to the other ones concerning the same card.

The provided functions will allow to:

  • add a card to the market, specifying the selling price;
  • remove their own offer from the market;
  • buy a card from the market.

Because the market is managed by Salk people, traders par excellence, they will withhold a small commission, between 2% and 5%, for each successful sale.

We consider the market a very important part of the game. Following the market and understanding its trends and dynamics will be integral parts game components. They will not be essential, but they will permit you to exchange your own cards with different others in order to test various gaming solutions. At the same time you can enlarge your own collection by exchanging any excess cards with the most widespread currency in the postatomic lands of the Third Era: the caps, namely the bottle caps.

The Sale and Purchase features of the cards are here described with pictures.


Card selection and options. One option permit to sell card into market


Price of card selection


Single card buying


Player market insertions, with an option permit to remove card from market


Redemption The Third Era – Roadmap



It ‘s time to share with you the Roadmap that will lead to the launch of Redemption The Third Era.

This Roadmap is the current one, but it is constantly changing. For this reason we will make regular updates with other posts in our blog. We just want to let you know the progress of the work so that you will be ready at the time of the closed Beta release.


  • Last week of August: End of the engine basic developments for client fullfilment.


  • First week of September: Finalization of the Market development.
  • Second week of September: Finalization of the Deck Building system development, starting development of the Shop.
  • Third week of September: Development of HUD and start of News System design.
  • Last week of September: Closing work of graphic production of the cards. Starting work on cards graphic integration in the game.


  • First week of October: Finalization of the Match development. Start of News System development.
  • Second week of October: Start of Cards calibration procedures; start designing the Game Modes.
  • Third week of October: End of Shop and HUD development. Start of integration with Facebook to login and post. Start integration with the PayPal payment system.
  • Fourth week of October: Start Gameplay development.


  • First week of November: End of the HUD and News System development.
  • Second week of November: End of the Shop development. Finalization of the integration work of the card graphics in game. Finalization of the integration with Facebook and PayPal.
  • Third week of November: End of the Gameplay development.
  • Fourth week of November: overall Revision of the developments.


  • First week of December: overall Revision of the developments.
  • Second week of December: first calls for participation in the closed Beta will be sent.
  • Third week of December: Start of the closed Beta.

January: For the month of January, we foresee development activities of additional features to be tested during the closed Beta and the bug fixing. In this month we will also make the necessary adjustments for the publication of the game on Android and iOS platforms.


Redemption The Third Era – Races: Damas


This week we let you know the second of the races populating the Redemption – The Third Era lands, the inventors and technological Damas.

D a m a s

Emblem of Damas

Emblem of Damas

The Damas, ‘the People of the Chasm‘, is the race that more than any other adapts to the physical strain.

Broad shoulders, muscular limbs, wide chest, short and mighty stature are features they have been developed with the work done in their mines, as well as the pink skin and color light eyes because they are not used to seeing the sun’s rays. Their faces, with rounded and childish traits, are often accompanied by shaved or very short hairs, this is a common practice among females too. Probably it is due to the the miners’ old attitude to cut their hair to avoid them to hinder visibility at work or set them on fire by the small candles placed on the helmets used in the mine before the advent of electricity.

The Damas live inside the Chasm, a huge crevice opened on a flat area surrounded by rugged mountains enveloped by a perpetual sunrise. Two huge mechanical platforms are the only two accesses to the bottom of the Chasm. Here the center of Ravanes, that’s the capital, comes into view. The city is the starting point for an endless series of large galleries. These galleries are links to the residential areas of the city and from there to other Damas’ cities. Large metal portals, artfully hidden among the rocks, can be sealed to isolate and protect the main caverns and all lower levels. In the depths of the tunnels, it hides the primary Damas sustenance source: the steam.

The Damas constantly dig, looking for new geysers in order to use them for electricity production. They are the only population, along with Humans and Vampires, who uses it, but they are the only ones to have made technological development their reason of live. They are viscerally lovers of mechanics and they apply this expertise to every aspect of daily life: from work clothes protected by metal plates to gloves with retractable overlays for the fingers, from miner colorful and monocles-equipped helmets, magnifying glasses and small fans to belts with hanging multitude of tools, until the construction of more complex machinery such as steam backpacks, covered with wires and tubes, besides the transport of objects, are used to cool water, to warm cold food or more often to provide energy to weapons.

These, very rare, are renowned for their firepower and precision shooting, but what makes them really famous, often penalizing them in commercial exchanges, are the intense puffs of steam and the strident noises that they emit during their use. There are rumors that, thanks to their continuous research in science, the Damas have come to create tesla weapons. To work they need a current generator or a very long power cable.

They are open to other races and to new ideas, they are sociable and very skilled in conversation. They don’t have the cult of the past and all that matters is the future and technological progress. Proverbial is their stubbornness and obstinacy.

More stubborn than a Damas” it’s both one of the common sayings concerning them and the most popular among other races, but you better be sure you don’t have any of them within earshot.

Due to their nature of inventors they are able to recycle any object and to destinate it to a new use independently from its original function. This has originated an expression very much in vogue among the Salkes and that now is widespread among all races: “If you do not know what is it for, sell it to a Damas“.

Damas Character

Damas Character


Redemption The Third Era – Races: Humans


We finally have the pleasure to talk about the various races populating the Redemption – The Third Age world and we will do it by presenting you one race a week.

In order to simplify we choose to start the game using six of the various ethnic groups that inhabit the Third Age, leaving us the possibility to be able to introduce other races further. Each of them comes from humans, but they have developed different racial traits that have allowed them to better adapt to the new world geography and to the climate zone they live in. Radiations, constantly present since the Catastrophe, influenced and altered the races development and they deeply and indelibly marked their DNA, giving them previously unknown strength and powers.

Redemption The Third Era - Races Work In Progress

Redemption The Third Era – Races Work In Progress

                                                                                                                                            Here we present the first of the six races, the Humans.

H u m a n s

Emblem of Humans

Emblem of Humans

The human population, descending from that who inhabited Earth before the Catastrophe, manifests varied racial traits that hark back to the origin-race, so the skin color and the features are affected by those who were the mother-race characteristics. However, the new human generation has characteristics in common to all its members, that makes them almost appear like ‘super men’ compared to the world standards we know today. They overcome the lack of mental powers originating from radiations, with the excellence in all that is athleticism. Strong, fast and powerful, they are deadly in close combat as with any type of weapon.

Socially, they have an innate spirit of aggregation and survival. Both those who have chosen the way of legality and those have opted for the easy way of illegality, adopted, within the various gangs or bands, a military structure that ensure order and control.

They usually observe the members of other ethnic groups with a mixture of condescension and superiority, they consider themselves as the ‘real’ masters of the world, considering that before the Catastrophe the planet belonged only to them, while other races arose due to a tragic mistake.

Humans, more numerous than the other ethnic groups of Third Era, are located in Earth’s climate zone where temperatures are milder and a perpetual sunset is the setting for all days. The various cities, from from the inhabited ones and hailing from the First and Second Era, to those rebuilt from scratch, are all relatively close and the capital faces the Large Expanse of Water.

Streets are patrolled by Sheriffs and their assistants while the barricades marking the boundaries of each city are constantly under the control of the soldiers that supervise the accesses to residential areas and the goods transports.

Despite the modified and resistant DNA, all human cities, from largest to smallest, are equipped with public health centers within, in addition to common treatments, you can find special decontamination showers, indispensable to purify the whole body when radiation levels become too high and risk to cause not controlled mutations or impairments.

Humans are one of the few races having electricity even if to a limited extent. They use it conserving itself in order to illuminate the viable streets of cities and public areas, while the homes or private places are still illuminated by camp lamp and candles. Energy smuggling of is one of the most common and dangerous ways to make money.

They are innately resourceful, exploratory and curious, and it is impossible to roam the world without encountering a human, inevitably equipped with, in addition to their own weapons, gas mask, tank of potable water and, in case of emergencies, a few bottles of anti-radiation liquid.

Among the various common saying shared with other races, often you can hear the phrase: ‘There is no more infesting weed than Human’, that, even though it is not gratifying, it is one of the most used and truthful quote.

Human Character

Human Character